The Canadian Home Program
is part of the 4 Pillars Foundation – a leading edge non-profit organization designed to deliver financial empowerment programs to working Canadians.

The Canadian Home Program (CHP) is now reinventing the home ownership industry with proprietary products, cutting edge systems and a genuine desire to make home ownership possible for all Canadians.

CHP is a member of the 4 Pillars Foundation with a Clients for Life financial model that creates long-lasting wealth creation strategies for Canadians.

Canadian Home Program Expansion

The CHP is partnering with real estate agents across Canada to assist in delivery the CHP to communities. Contact us today to learn more about how you can become involved in this exciting opportunity.

Program Participation

  • CHP removes barriers to home ownership
  • Participants become smart home buyers
  • Reduced client attrition through CHP participant loyalty
  • Real Estate professionals volunteer their time based on availability

Organization Benefits

  • Connect with local organizations who provide program referrals
  • CHP system brings together key real estate professionals
  • CHP has proven marketing programs to fill each session
  • Elevates corporate profiles associated with CHP
  • Community driven real estate marketing program
  • Low cost program deliver

The Home Buyers Assistance Program

The HBAP Program is an employer provided benefit that helps employers achieve business goals while helping employees become homeowners. A simple, effective and inexpensive benefits plan.

Why Employer Participation

  • Assists in employer recruitment and retention
  • Reduces turnover and training costs
  • Employees are more motivated, increasing productivity
  • Improves employee loyalty and commitment to the company
  • Your company will receive recognition for implementing an innovative program
HBAP Employer Benefits

  • On site financial literacy classes
  • On site home buyer education classes
  • Matched savings grant
  • Signing bonus
  • Repayable loan assisting in down payment or closing costs
  • Forgivable loan that decreases over employees tenure
  • The Canadian HOME Program assistance of up to $1,000 for closing costs